When is it safe to drive again after having a c-section?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. When can you legally drive after having a baby via caesarean, and does it impact the validity of your car insurance?

Your doctor can advise you of how long you must wait before getting behind the wheel.


After having a cesarean section, doctors will advise you of how long you must wait before getting behind the wheel. The suitable recovery time for driving varies, but is often around six weeks.

This is largely due to risk of further injury, rather than a safety concern about cognitive or physical ability to drive a motor vehicle.

What About Car Insurance when Driving After a C-section?

Answer: With RACQ car insurance, your policy will cover you as long you have the medical clearance to drive. If you are insured with a different provider, check your policy for details of any exclusions

Similar to any other major surgery, follow the instructions of your medical practitioner before driving again. Some prescription medicines or pain killers can affect your ability to drive, always read the labels prior to driving.

Driving after Medication

Many medicines that are readily available in supermarkets or over the counter at pharmacies can have warnings labels on them advising against driving after consumption.

Even if you feel fine, some medications can affect your reaction times, depth perception, and attention span, which are all essential for safe driving.

When medications warn against driving after use, it is important to follow the advice on the label. Driving under the influence of a drug is illegal whether the drug was legally acquired or not.

If in Doubt – Seek Medical Advice

If you’re in doubt about whether your medication or physical condition is affecting your ability to drive do not drive and seek medical advice.