GC Games 2018 – Changes to Traffic Control & Public Transport

Excitement is building for the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast (GC2018). To make the event as enjoyable as possible for everyone living in south east, or attending the Games, it is important to be aware of changed traffic conditions in the area.

Many changes regarding traffic control take effect from 1 March.

The Games will run between 4-15 April but changes to traffic and transport will kick in much sooner than that.

How will it affect you?

RACQ strongly urges spectators to use public transport and avoid travelling in the car to get to the Games. Find out about more your transport options below.

Key Dates

1 March – 18 April

Travelling between Brisbane & Gold Coast

Fast Facts: Speed limit changes take effect from the start of March, including speed reductions and the use of temporary ramp metering.

It is highly encouraged to avoid car travel between Brisbane and Gold Coast during typical peak times.

Dedicated Games Lanes will take effect from mid March and run until 18 April. Lanes closed to the general public will be marked with special road signs and markers.

Speed Limit Changes

M1/M3 merge at Eight Mile Plains to Logan Motorway

  • Effective from 1 March – 17 April 2018
  • 100km/h zone will be reduced to 90km/h

Logan Motorway Interchange to Smith Street (Exit 66)

  • Effective from 1 March – 17 April 2018
  • 110km/h zone will be reduced to 100km/h

Temporary Ramp Management

Southbound Gold Coast Highway & Smith Street on-ramps

  • This is in place to keep traffic moving at a constant pace as vehicles join the motorway
  • Effective from 1 March – 15 April 2018

Best Times to Travel by Car Between Gold Coast & Brisbane

Avoid the usual peak times if possible. Journeys made during the middle part of the day from about 12-3pm should be faster. Or travelling after 7pm is also expected to have reduced congestion.

If you will be travelling to and from work during March and April, consider making arrangements with your workplace for flexible start and finish times when possible.

Travelling during peak times will almost certainly mean a slower journey than usual. Please stay patient and allow for additional travel time in your plans.

For more information:


Key Dates

25 March – 15 April

Public Transport Timetable

Fast Facts: The timetable is changing to accommodate more passengers and offer greater frequency of trips.

Public transport will have access to certain roads on the Games Route Network that are not available to regular car traffic. As such, travelling on public transport is highly encouraged for faster travel, not only to and from events but also for general transport in the area.

Timetable Changes for GC2018 include:


There are several changes to be aware of regarding train services:

Effective From 5-15 April 2018: Gold Coast line services will be tripled to run on average every 10 minutes or better from 5 – 15 April. Between 1am – 5am, hourly services will operate.

Effective From 3-4 April and 16-20 April 2018: Gold Coast line services will run every 15 minutes or better in peak periods, and every 30 minutes in off-peak periods.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies on 4 April and 15 April will have special train services for those events.

Changes to Commuter Parking

Parkwood (Pre-booked parking only for GC2018 spectators in possession of tickets)

28 March – 18 April 2018

Robina (Full car park closure)

13 – 15 April 2018

Helensvale (Reduced parking)

Days to be finalised

Nerang (Full eastern car park closure)

Days to be finalised

Sleeman Centre, Chandler (No parking for public transport user)

25 March – 15 April 2018

Tram (G:link) Timetable Changes

Effective From 4-15 April 2018

Trams will be running 24 hrs a day. During 7am-11pm there will be a service every 7.5 minutes or better with an aim to provide a tram every six minutes during peak event periods.

Local Bus Timetable Changes

Effective From 4-15 April 2018: 

During the hours of 7am-7pm there will 12 bus routes offering services every 15 mins or better. Depending on competition schedules some bus routes will also be running later into the evening than usual.

Find out more information on your travel area here:


Key Dates

4 – 15 April

Local Access Permits

Fast Facts: Some GC2018 venues will have restricted access to nearby areas for the duration of the Commonwealth Games.

There are approximately 1,400 properties affected that will require a permit for access. The permit is free but does require an application.

The City of Gold Coast website has more details on where a permit is required and how to apply.

Apply for a permit here:


Getting to and From the Games

Fast Facts: To support security and reduce congestion, no parking will be provided at or near GC2018 sporting venues.

A range of temporary GC2018 Park ‘n’ Ride sites will be established to support access to GC2018 venues.

Thirteen temporary park ‘n’ rides are being established across the Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane, providing parking and transport services for ticketed spectators and accredited workforce travelling to the GC2018 venues.

They will be free to use for spectators, and will need to be pre-booked through the GC2018 Journey Planner.

Key Dates

4 – 15 April

GC2018 Park 'n' Rides - Gold Coast, Logan & Brisbane

Site nameLocationVenues servicedAvailable to
Beenleigh High Park 'n' RideBeenleigh State High School, 40 Alamein Street, BeenleighAll Gold Coast venues (by train with a connection to public transport)Spectators and workforce*
Betty Diamond Park 'n' RideBoyd Street, TugunCoolangatta BeachfrontPre-booked ticketed spectators only**
Boowaggan Park 'n' RideCorner of Boowaggan Road and Robina Parkway, MerrimacGold Coast Exhibition and Convention Centre Broadbeach Lawn Bowls Pre-booked ticketed spectators only**
Damian Leeding Park 'n' RideWatersports Lane, OxenfordOxenford StudiosPre-booked ticketed spectators only**
Firth Park Park 'n' RideFirth Park, 1 Somerset Drive, MudgeerabaRobina StadiumPre-booked ticketed spectators only**
Mangrove Jack Park 'n' RideHope Island Road, HelensvaleCoomera Indoor Sports StadiumPre-booked ticketed spectators only**
Merrimac Park 'n' RideMerrimac State School, 2 Boowaggan Road, MerrimacBroadbeach Lawn BowlsPre-booked ticketed spectators only**
Millaroo Drive North Park 'n' Ride31 Millaroo Drive, HelensvaleCarrara PrecinctPre-booked ticketed spectators only**
Millaroo Drive South Park 'n' Ride101 Millaroo Drive, HelensvaleGold Coast Hockey CentrePre-booked ticketed spectators only**
Parkwood Park 'n' RideParkwood Station, ParkwoodGold Coast Aquatic Centre Triathlon Gold Run 2018 Pre-booked ticketed spectators and Gold Run 2018 participants only**
Sleeman Centre Park 'n' RideRing Road, ChandlerAnna Meares Velodrome Belmont Shooting Centre Pre-booked ticketed spectators only**
Varsity Lakes Park 'n' Ride1 Coromandel Lane, Varsity Lakes stationAll Gold Coast venues (by train with a connection to public transport)Spectators and workforce*
Yatala Park 'n' Ride1/57 Burnside Road, YatalaCarrara StadiumPre-booked ticketed spectators only**

*Spectators and workforce: The park ‘n’ ride is available to anyone attending a GC2018 venue or festival hub including the GC2018 workforce.

**Pre-booked ticketed spectators only: The park ‘n’ ride needs to be pre-booked for the venue and session time that you have ticket/s for.

If you are staying nearby an event then walking or cycling to the event is being encouraged. Walking and cycling paths as well as additional bicycle parking facilities are being arranged for spectators to the Games.

For more information: https://www.getsetforthegames.com/going-games

What is the Games Route Network?

A series of designated roads linking the Commonwealth Games Village to all competition and non-competition venues and airports.

Who can use the GRN?

Official Games transport, shuttle buses transporting spectators, workforce to events, business as usual public transport services, and general traffic.

What is a Games Lane?

As part of that Games Route Network there will be specially marked lanes reserved for official GC2018 vehicles, public transport, and emergency services.

Special signs and line markings will clearly identify the lanes.

In most cases the Games Lane will be located in the lane closest to the median.

More information on the Games Route Network and Games Lanes: https://www.getsetforthegames.com/grn

Check Out Live Traffic Updates Anytime!

For up to the minute updates on traffic conditions in your area check out these live traffic maps:

Gold Coast Live Traffic Map

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