Quiz on overtaking sparks controversy

The State’s peak motoring body has set the record straight after a Facebook quiz on a common road rule left people stumped.

RACQ posted the quiz to its Facebook page which asked motorists: “True or false: it is illegal for the yellow vehicle to increase its speed whilst being overtaken.”

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said the post sparked much discussion, with more than 400 comments.

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“Many commenters have seen this type of behaviour and have been frustrated by it, however they weren’t aware that in this case the quiz answer is true, and the behaviour is actually illegal,” Ms Hunter said.

“When a driver is overtaking on a two-way road by crossing the centre line and/or driving on the opposite side of the road, the driver in the yellow vehicle, who’s being overtaken, mustn’t increase speed until the overtaking driver has passed, returned to the marked lane or line of traffic and is a sufficient distance in front to avoid a collision.”