Petrol pipeline will have positive effect on prices

The State’s peak motoring body has welcomed the increased competition new petrol stations would bring.

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The Courier Mail reported a new CBRE market review found more than 186 new petrol stations would be built nationally over the next 12 months, with almost a third of them in Queensland.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said this was good news for motorists, as it could lead to a more competitive market.

“It’s expected 58 new fuel stations will be built in Queensland in the next 12 months,” Ms Ross said.

“While we expect electric vehicles to become more popular in coming years, internal combustion engine vehicles are likely to remain the most common mode of transport for Queenslanders for several years.

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“Transport costs take up a large portion of Queenslanders’ household budgets, but more servos mean more competition, and competition is what’s going to help bring down fuel prices.”

Ms Ross said although there would be more service stations around, drivers still needed to use comparison websites and apps, like RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder, to ensure they supported the retailers which offered the lowest price in their area.

“When it comes to the price of petrol, we all have a choice about where we buy from – it should always be with the servos offering the best deals.”