Why is SEQ fuel so expensive?

The State’s peak motoring body has slammed south east Queensland fuel retailers for ripping off drivers as unfair indicative retail margins were observed across the region.

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RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the south east was in the grip of the expensive phase of the fuel cycle but retailers were charging way more than what was considered fair.

“The average in Brisbane has fallen 5.2 cents per litre (cpl) since it peaked at 165.4cpl last week but retailers are still pocketing an indicative retail margin of more than 24cpl,” Ms Smith said.

“It’s really frustrating indicative retail margins remain so high even after the fuel cycle’s been sitting at the top of the market for almost a week.”

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Ms Smith said Brisbane’s current average for unleaded was currently 159.2cpl and urged drivers to shop savvy to save.

“There is still cheaper fuel around, if you can find it, with some retailers selling unleaded for as little at 139.9cpl and around four percent of the market selling it for 149.9cpl so that’s why it’s so important to shop around,” she said.

“Use the apps and websites available, including RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder to make sure you get the best deal in your area.

“If you have to buy fuel while we’re still near the top of the cycle, just top up for now, and wait until the price falls further to fill the tank.”