Shocking footage shows horrifying near-misses

The release of disturbing new footage which depicted frightening near-misses between motorists and RACQ vehicles has prompted a plea from the State’s peak motoring body for drivers to move over and slow down when they passed roadside workers.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said the footage, obtained from the Club’s onboard vehicle cameras, highlighted the dangerous situations roadside workers were exposed to on the job.

“The footage shows drivers failing to slow down, merging dangerously, not concentrating, and at times causing their vehicles to spin out of control – all within metres of our roadside workers,” Mr Spalding said.

“These are all near-misses, but what it highlights are the dangers for those working on the roadside helping stranded motorists. It takes just one wrong move and roadside workers’ and motorists’ lives are at risk.

“It’s why we’re asking drivers to move over and slow down when they see emergency vehicles, roadside workers and construction workers on the road. This creates a safer space and reduces the likelihood of them being struck.”

Mr Spalding said RACQ was pleased the State Government had joined the campaign.

“We need to protect those who work in high-speed environments like emergency crews, road workers, roadside assistance workers and tow truck operators because their job is to help others already stranded in risky locations,” he said.

“These Queenslanders deserve to feel safe in their workplace, and while they take precautions to minimise risk, they rely on the motoring public to do their bit to ensure everyone gets home to their families.

“It makes sense to come together during National Road Safety Week and make the pledge to drive so others survive.”

Queenslanders could visit the Road Safety Week website for more information.