Road safety and flood immunity vital for Townsville

The State’s peak motoring body has put politicians on notice and called for vital road projects to be funded, to improve safety and flood immunity in Townsville.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said road safety needed to be front of mind for present and future leaders in far north Queensland in the upcoming Federal Election.

“Last year, 250 people were killed on our State’s roads in preventable crashes – these had devastating flow-on effects for their loved ones and communities,” Mr Turner said.

“More than 74,000 people in the Townsville area are RACQ members, and we want to make sure they, and every other Queenslander, is safe on the road – but we need our leaders to do so too.

“Investment in road safety does make a difference, but I can only happen when pollies put their money where their mouths are and commit funding to where it’s needed most.”

Mr Turner said the Club’s Queensland Matters blueprint should form the basis of planning and priorities for the State’s road and transport projects in the 2019 Federal Election.

“We’ll fight for the delivery of life-saving local projects including upgrades to the Flinders and Hann highways, as well as Gregory Developmental Road,” he said.

“These projects will not only help to drive down the road toll, they’ll also improve flood immunity, which we know, after last month’s disaster, is high on the wish list for the region.

“We’re Queenslanders, so we’re meeting with local representatives to ensure our people are heard and supported and we can get these key projects off the ground.”


RACQ’s priority projects in north Queensland included:

  • Gregory Developmental Road – safety package works, including flood improvements to provide inland alternative route to the Bruce Highway
  • Flinders Highway – safety works package including flood improvements and overtaking lanes to provide a safe and efficient road
  • Complete dual lane seal along the Hann Highway (Kennedy Developmental Road).


Queensland Matters could be viewed on RACQ’s website.