River City locals slugged $20k a year for transport

RACQ has urged governments to step in and relieve Queensland families punished by the high cost of transport, as Brisbane was once again named one of the most expensive capital cities in the country to get around.

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The call came as the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) released its latest Transport Affordability Index, which found River City residents forked out $19,845 a year just to move about, $4,098 more per year than what residents in Hobart paid.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the State and Federal Governments needed to implement measures to make transport and vehicle ownership more affordable.

“The Queensland Government should freeze registration charges and must remove stamp duty on new car purchases. Not only will eliminating stamp duty make cars more affordable, it’ll make our roads significantly safer because drivers will be more likely to be able to afford to buy newer and safer cars, without the sting of those extra and highly unnecessary upfront purchase costs,” Ms Ross said.

”The Federal Government needs to remove the 33 percent Luxury Car tax for vehicles priced at more than $66,331. This tax, and Queensland’s extra stamp duty on high-end cars, discourages motorists from buying the safest and most environmentally friendly vehicles.

“At almost $20,000 a year, Brisbanites are rightly questioning the cost of getting around the River City. Transport chews up more than 16 percent of the average household income.”

The report also showed the single biggest transport expense was the cost of buying a car and car loan payments. In the December 2018 quarter, this increased $33 per annum, which took the weekly average Brisbane car repayment to $123.49.

Ms Ross said while additional costs continued to hit motorists from all angles, there were some small savings which had been made.

“It’s pleasing to see the price of petrol in Brisbane drop slightly, partly due to a fall in the oil price and more servo competition due to Queensland’s Fuel Price Reporting Trial. Motorists are saving $2.24 per week on fuel compared to the previous quarter, or $116 per year.”

The AAA’s Transport Affordability Index could be viewed here.