Stay off roads so emergency services can do their job

North Queenslanders have been reminded to stay off the roads as emergency services and RACQ responded to calls for help during record breaking floods across the region.

ABC News

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said while the Club’s Roadside Assistance Patrols were on hand to assist drivers where it was safe, RACQ had received a high number of calls for people continued to drive during the weather event.

“Please call us if you need urgent assistance but if you’re safe and the job can wait for another day, leave it until then, because our people are focused on helping those in critical need,” Ms Hunter said.

“While our Patrols are available 24/7, road closures and flooding are also impacting our services so we don’t want to go out on the roads if we don’t have to.”

With more than 107 roads closed due to flooding across the State, drivers were encouraged to visit RACQ’s Road Conditions website for the latest updates.