‘Spotification’ of car ownership: a near future

Could you imagine driving a fuel-efficient hatchback during the Monday to Friday commute, right before you picked up a four-wheel-drive for a weekend away camping? RACQ has predicted this utopia could soon be a reality.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael told a parliamentary inquiry into transport technology car manufacturers would soon offer motorists an option to pay a monthly subscription fee to access a range of vehicles, instead of owning their own.

“It’s already popular overseas because under the system, customers pay a monthly fee to access a number of vehicles, with all running costs covered,” Dr Michael said.

“It’s a shift from ownership to access.”

Dr Michael told The Courier Mail  manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche had championed the rollout of the service overseas.

“Vehicle running costs are rising, and especially in densely populated cities like in the U.S. and Europe where there’s good quality public transport, it doesn’t make financial sense to own a vehicle, but you might want to access one for a weekend trip,” she said.

“This is different to car sharing and we could see it launched in Australia from now.”