SEQ drivers waste almost three weeks in traffic

Shocking new RACQ data has revealed south east Queensland commuters who drove during peak hour on some of the region’s major motorways spent almost three weeks behind the wheel each year.

M1 traffic busy

Club spokesperson Lucinda Ross said RACQ’s 2018 Annual Report compared average travel times and speeds on sections of the Pacific, Centenary and Bruce highways.

“Drivers commuting from the Gold Coast to Brisbane on the Pacific Motorway spent more than 465 hours, or 19 days, simply driving to and from work. They were closely followed by Logan motorists, who spent 13 days each year making the trek to and from Brisbane,” Ms Ross said.

“The Centenary Motorway’s commuters accumulated 173.6 hours, or just over a week, each year making the daily round trip from Forest Lake to Toowong.

“Bruce Highway drivers who travelled between Narangba and Bald Hills spent three days on the road.”

Ms Ross said motorists could save significant time each year by avoiding travel during peak periods.

“By travelling during the busiest periods, motorists are adding extra time to their trip which they’re spending stuck in congestion and not with their families, in some cases, by almost a a week over the course of a year,” she said.

“Congestion’s a useless waste of time and that’s why we need to continually improve the road network, as well as our active and public transport systems.

“You can avoid gridlock by catching public transport, or by retiming or rescheduling your travel outside of the peak periods – after 9am and before 4pm on weekdays.

“Before you set off, visit RACQ’s Road Conditions website and check on traffic flow.”

The full report could be viewed on RACQ’s website.