Muddy, slippery roads pose new danger to NQ residents

As water levels dropped in parts of north Queensland, RACQ has urged residents to take extra care if they had to drive, with many local roads damaged or covered in mud and debris.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said there were still 170 roads closed due to flooding across Queensland.

“We know as the water recedes people are keen to return to their homes to assess the damage, but it’s vital you only return, if it’s safe to do so,” Ms Hunter said.

“Remember it’s never safe to drive through floodwaters or past road closed signs, but drivers also need to be aware that open roads may be damaged, muddy and covered by debris. You don’t know how thick the mud might be and it’ll be incredibly slippery, especially if the rain returns as forecast.

“A hidden danger is damage to the road itself – because it may not be visible below mud and debris. Once water gets underneath the bitumen it can compromise the foundations leading to surface failures and pot holes.”

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Ms Hunter said drivers should also be on the lookout for increased pedestrian activity.

“We know there’ll be a lot of people out inspecting their properties and cars, and just generally cleaning up. Please keep an eye out, as we want everyone to be safe and keep your headlights on so people can see you,” she said.

Motorists were urged to avoid unnecessary travel and check their path before they took to the road.