TC Penny not done yet

As weather conditions in the far north continued to change, RACQ has warned residents should remain on alert after it was predicted Tropical Cyclone (TC) Penny could return towards the Queensland coast.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported the system, currently in the north-west Coral Sea, was forecast to intensify to a category 2 system, before it turned south west towards the State and weakened.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said while there was some uncertainty associated with the weather system’s path, north Queensland residents should remain vigilant and stay across the latest updates.

“At this stage the cyclone isn’t expected to cross the coast again, but that doesn’t mean the threat is over – residents shouldn’t get complacent about the inclement weather TC Penny could bring,” Ms Ross said.

“Now’s the time to revisit your storm ready checklist and check for any debris around your home. If you find anything that could become a missile, bring it inside, or in the case of outdoor furniture, secure it.

“Locate your emergency kit and make sure family members know your emergency plan should you lose power or need to evacuate.

“Also, check on your neighbours, particularly the elderly, to make sure they’re prepared.”