Regional Queensland enjoying cheaper fuel

The State’s peak motoring body revealed motorists in many regional Queensland towns and cities had felt hip pocket relief at the bowser after average fuel prices dropped in recent months.

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RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the average price of unleaded had dropped by about 30 cents per litre (cpl) in regional centres since October.

“In October 2018, we saw all-time high daily averages in many regional centres, with prices sitting around that 160cpl mark,” Ms Ross said.

“Thankfully, prices have been dropping and retailers in many centres are passing on savings to drivers. In Toowoomba for example, where the average is under 117cpl, drivers are benefitting from a drop of almost 44cpl in a few months.”

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Ms Ross said while most centres were cheap, it was frustrating retailers in Cairns, Mackay and Rockhampton were still charging 10cpl more than what the Club considered fair.

“It’s disappointing drivers in these cities are still being stung at the pump and aren’t able to enjoy the same bargains as the rest of Queensland,” she said.

“It means drivers have to be savvy to find the deals because competition is the key to driving down those prices in the long run. Before hitting the road, make sure you’re using the apps and websites available to locate the cheapest prices so you’re only ever supporting those servos playing fair.”

Drivers could find the cheap sites by downloading the RACQ Fair Fuel Finder app.

Regional fuel prices – 3 January 2018:

  ULP price drop since October 2018 Current average ULP price RACQ Fair Fuel Price
Cairns 28.9cpl 136cpl 124.5cpl
Townsville 32.9cpl 130.5cpl 125.4cpl
Mackay 29.7cpl 134cpl 125.5cpl
Rockhampton 29.9cpl 135.8cpl 125.7cpl
Gladstone 36.9cpl 126.1cpl 124.6cpl
Hervey Bay 33.2cpl 127.9cpl 124.3cpl
Maryborough 36.6cpl 119.8cpl 119.7cpl
Bundaberg 31.2cpl 126.5cpl 125cpl
Toowoomba 43.8cpl 116.7cpl 116.5cpl
Sunshine Coast 36.3cpl 129.9cpl 128.4cpl