Make sure it clicks this Christmas

The State’s peak motoring body has thrown its support behind a new campaign which urged Queensland drivers to buckle up before for every trip.

seatbelt being clipped in

The Department of Transport and Main Roads’ ‘All they want for Christmas is you’ campaign, encouraged all Queenslanders to wear a seatbelt for their loved ones.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said wearing a seatbelt was essential to help someone survive an on-road crash.

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“Putting on your seatbelt is a basic requirement, however, we still see Queenslanders die every year because they weren’t wearing one,” Mr Spalding said.

“Whether you’re going just down the road or across the country, make sure you and your passengers buckle up. We’ve already seen 225 people killed on our roads this year and we don’t want any more families missing their loved ones this Christmas.”

The advice came after RACQ on Wednesday launched its Take it Slow’ campaign, which encouraged drivers to slow down and remember the Fatal Five on the roads over the festive period.