Drivers reminded to service their vehicles

The State’s peak motoring body has reminded drivers of the importance of regular vehicle checks, after new research showed service visits had dropped.

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The latest vehicle servicing survey report from Roy Morgan found just 18 percent of motorists had their cars serviced three or more times a year, down from 30.5 percent 11 years ago.

RACQ Principal Technical Researcher Russell Manning said the findings weren’t surprising as cars had become more reliable and required less frequent servicing.

“Manufacturers are very aware of whole-of-life service costs and to keep ownership costs down, they’re recommending longer service intervals. This means car owners might only need to get their car serviced once or twice a year,” Mr Manning said.

“This trend is only going to continue into the future, particularly as we see more electric vehicles hit the market. This is good news for consumers because less maintenance means lower costs.”

Mr Manning said drivers shouldn’t be tempted to skip or postpone servicing their vehicles.

“We all have a responsibility to ensure our cars are safe and roadworthy every time we get behind the wheel,” he said.

“We know many rely on regular servicing to identify emerging problems, and if your car is only being serviced once a year there’s potential for problems to go un-noticed for some time.  It can also be easy to forget servicing or be tempting to push it out by a few months. Regularly servicing your car can make the difference between it being roadworthy and running smoothly, and it breaking down and costing you big in repairs.”