Reminder to fuel retailers to sign up for price trial

The State’s peak motoring body has urged fuel retailers across Queensland to register as soon as possible for the fuel price reporting trial which would commence next month.

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The Cairns Post reported that 815 retail sites had applied for the initiative but many more were still yet to do so.

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RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton encouraged remaining servos to sign up and embrace the change which, from December, would see fuel retailers report their prices to an online portal within 30 minutes of a price change at the pump.

“It’s a mandatory change for retailers and one that we’re sure will be welcomed by Queensland motorists who will be easily and quickly able to access up-to-date fuel prices,” Ms Clinton said.

“We know that fuel’s one of the biggest expenses for Queenslanders and many drivers are already conscious about getting the best price – and this trial will make it even easier for them to do so.

“Retailers should jump online at now to register, this is a compulsory trial and there is no point delaying.”

Ms Clinton said to ensure drivers were getting the best bang for their buck at the bowser, the Club would soon be launching its RACQ Fuel Price app.

“Our app will allow drivers to view the fuel prices in their area in real-time and choose the cheapest and most competitive servo to fill up at,” she said.

“It will also feature RACQ’s Fair Fuel Price which is what we encourage drivers to pay at the bowser and what we believe includes a reasonable margin for retailers.

“This transparency will help put the power back in the hands of motorists and allow them to spend their petrol dollars with retailers who give them the best deal.”