Will digital licences be available in QLD?

Queensland motorists would soon be using their smartphones to show their driver licences under a new trial welcomed by RACQ.

learner driver

The electronic version of the driver licence, it was reported by Nine News, would be trialled in Queensland and would allow drivers to view, update and renew their licence as well as provide it to police when requested.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said this kind of technology would be an added convenience for drivers.

“Many of us are already cashless and using smartphones to pay for our goods and do our banking so this is clearly the next step,” Mr Spalding said.

“If we can get the security right – as we have with internet banking, this will really make it easier for many drivers who don’t want to carry so many cards around.

“Many motorists are still going to want to stick to traditional licences, and that’s okay, but seeing as the technology is out there and being trialled down south – we’d look forward to its trial in Queensland,”

Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey told Nine News the State Government would launch the trail next year.

“We’re moving into a digital wallet so that basically means your smart phone or your device can hold you ID or your driver licence,” Mr Bailey said.

“You can present your credentials without giving out your address or your date of birth.”

The trial followed a successful program in New South Wales where motorists would have the option to have their digital licence made available through the Service NSW app.