Tread carefully during wet weather

With storm season well and truly underway, the State’s peak motoring body has reminded drivers to check their tyres to ensure they were safe and could handle the potentially treacherous road conditions ahead.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said badly worn tyres would add significant additional stopping distances in wet conditions.

“Put simply, the less tread you have on your tyre the longer it will take you to stop on a wet road,” Mr Spalding said.

“New car tyres come with about eight millimetres tread but, as this wears, the tyre becomes less able to clear away the water on the road surface. This means grip is severely reduced and braking and steering become affected. This can result in a driver potentially losing control and in some situations lead to a crash.

“Simple checks for the tread depth and pressure can help keep you safe in bad weather.

“When the tread gets to around two millimetres, you really need new tyres.”

Mr Spalding said motorists should also make sure their windscreen wipers and lights worked, and always drive to conditions.

“Drivers should check weather warnings and road conditions before heading out,” he said.

“If you do find yourself driving in bad weather, remember to slow down, put your lights on and increase the distance between you and the car in front.”

The latest road conditions could be found on the RACQ Road Conditions website.