Fuel price trial reaches new milestone amid record highs

As Queenslanders copped record high fuel prices, the State’s peak motoring body welcomed progress on the real-time fuel price trial which would help motorists save money at the bowser.

Fuel pump

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the Club was pleased the State Government had announced it had selected a technology provider to develop the system which would collect and distribute the latest fuel prices to websites and apps for the benefit of drivers.

“This announcement means we’re a step closer towards real fuel price transparency,” Mr Turner said.

“Queenslanders are rightly frustrated by the prices we’re seeing at the bowser, and while world oil prices and fluctuations in the dollar are out of our control, motorists can choose when and where they buy their fuel.

“Come December, when the trial begins, this data will be essential in giving drivers the info they need to make an informed choice when filling up. Queenslanders will be able to shun the servos charging the highest prices, and hopefully, that’ll force these servos to drop their prices.

“With hundreds of retailers currently charging 169.9 cents per litre for unleaded in the south east, it’s clear this trial can’t come soon enough.”

Mr Turner said the aggregator software provided by Informed Sources would capture fuel prices from all Queensland service stations within 30 minutes of prices changing.

“Within a short timeframe of prices rising or falling, motorists will know about it and be able to fill up at the cheapest site – this is something RACQ has fought long and hard for,” he said.

“It means motorists can take the power back into their hands and can use the technology to shop around and support only the cheapest servo near them.

“We must use this trial to push for better competition between servos. If they want our business they’ll need to sell fuel at the cheapest price – but it’ll also be up to drivers to jump on board with the trial to ramp up the pressure.”

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said the technology was on track to be delivered by the end of the year.