Action needed now to prevent gridlock pain

As new data revealed south east Queensland could become a gridlocked, concrete jungle, the State’s peak motoring body has urged all levels of government to prioritise investment in roads and transport.

Expressway, South Bank, City Cat

The Courier Mail reported modelling of eight key roads, commissioned by the SEQ Council of Mayors , showed that all but one would be over capacity in the morning peak by 2031, and even that route — the Ipswich Motorway — would be “under stress”.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said greater investment in infrastructure was needed, with current levels of planning and investment unable to meet future demand.

“Just because we might have electric or autonomous vehicles that doesn’t mean people will want to share their trip any more than they do now,” Mr Turner said.

“We must continue to develop key infrastructure for the next few decades to ensure our future growth is not strangled by massive congestion and insufficient transport infrastructure – public and private.

“We can’t wait 10 or 20 years for these projects to happen – we need to start planning now.”

Mr Turner said Queensland was a fantastic place to live, but longer commutes would affect quality of life.

“Everything we talk about when it comes to transport is actually about preserving lifestyle. If you’re in gridlock every morning and every evening for two hours that’s taking you away from family time.”