Save on fuel by changing how you shop

As more than 35,000 people expressed interest in taking part in a national fuel strike event, the State’s peak motoring body has urged motorists to think about their fuel buying habits every day, not just for one day of the year.

Various fuels at the pump

The event, advertised on Facebook, urged drivers to boycott all Australian fuel stations on Friday 26 October.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said while the fuel strike highlighted drivers’ frustration at increasingly high petrol prices, long term changes to buying habits would be more effective at lowering the cost of fuel.

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“It’s completely understandable that drivers are frustrated by the high fuel prices we’ve seen in recent months, and while one-off stunts like this may give motorists a feeling of empowerment, unfortunately, they’re unlikely to make a difference in the long-term,” Ms Ross said.

“We see many motorists continuing to buy from the most convenient site, often just because it’s on the way home from work – but these servos could be the ones charging the highest prices.

“If you’re in the south east, the best thing you can do to drive down prices is to avoid buying fuel at the top of the cycle – and regardless of where you are across the State, do your research and only ever buy from the cheapest servo in your area.”

Drivers could find the cheapest retailer in their area at RACQ’s Fair Fuel website.