Leave BAC limit alone: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has slammed any suggestion there should be an increase to the blood alcohol limit, warning it would increase crash risks on Queensland roads.

RACQ’s Steve Spalding said Australia has been at the forefront when it came to education and enforcement of drink-drivers and there was no evidence current laws should be changed.

“Around the world 0.05 blood alcohol limit is seen as good practice, and some countries actually consider it too high,” Mr Spalding said.

“Internationally accepted research clearly shows a person’s crash risk spikes if they’re driving at 0.05 and increases sharply from there.

“Alcohol consumption above this limit can reduce your reaction time, your ability to judge distances and your concentration span.

“We strongly urge the State Government not to increase the blood alcohol limit.”

The warning followed speculation in a Bundaberg court on Tuesday by Magistrate Neil Lavaring that the blood alcohol limit was too stringent.

“Sometimes I wonder if the limit’s a bit low. I shouldn’t say that, but I don’t know why we changed from the old 0.08 because no one at that end is really grossly affected, are they? What I’m trying to say is the people who are 0.10 and above, they’re the concerning ones,” Mr Lavaring said.

Mr Lavaring made the comments after handing down a minimum sentence to a Victorian man caught driving in July with a blood alcohol reading of 0.062.