Drivers cautioned as farmers take cattle to feed on roadside

RACQ has urged motorists on a number of regional roads to be on high alert, as Queensland graziers prepared to drive 1000 head of cattle along some of the State’s more remote highways.

As much of Queensland suffered through drought, the Department of Transport and Main Roads advised drovers would feed cattle alongside parts of the Warrego and Carnarvon highways, Surat Developmental Road and Mitchell Saint George Road in southern and south western Queensland.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said it was important drivers were aware of the increased activity to keep road users, the cattle and drovers safe.

“It’s been a really tough winter for many Queensland farmers and they’re having to take cattle out to feed on these roads, so it’s important motorists in the area do their bit to keep the drovers and the cattle safe,” Ms Ross said.

“The last thing we want is a tragic collision between a vehicle and a farm animal.”

Ms Ross said motorists were reminded to lower their speeds when approaching cattle.

“If you see a mob of cattle on your drive, slow down – this will help you manage anything unexpected, like if one of the mob tried to dash across the road,” she said.

Cattle would be driven along the following roads during August:

  • Warrego Highway:
    • Mitchell/Morven
    • Augathella/Morven/Sommariva
    • Mitchell/Roma.


  • Carnarvon Highway:
    • Mungindi/St George
    • St George/Surat
    • Noorindoo/Roma
    • Injune/Roma.
  • Surat Development Road:
    • Glenmorgan/Wellesley.
  • Mitchell St George Road:
    • Mitchell/St George.

Drivers could find the latest changes to traffic conditions at RACQ’s Road Conditions website.