State Budget must deliver savings drivers deserve

The State’s peak motoring body has demanded reprieve for motorists, as the Queensland Government prepared to deliver a budget which would force motorists to fork out even more to own a car.

Counting cost of running a car

RACQ has urged the Government to rethink 3.5 percent increases to car registration and driver licence fees which would hit Queensland motorists who were already charged more than many other states.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said transport costs were one of the biggest household expenses for Queenslanders – costing about $200 per week.

“When costs like rego and licences go up, Queensland families really feel it hit their hip pocket,” Dr Michael said.

“That’s why the Government needs to stop the unfair double inflation increase and freeze the cost of car rego.

“For more than four years we’ve seen motorists hit with a cumulative increase of nearly 15 percent – it’s outrageous.

“While transport charges will increase by inflation from 2019-20, more has to be done to give Queensland drivers a break.”

Dr Michael said RACQ continued to call on the State Government to eliminate stamp duty on new cars as it could save motorists around $170 million per year and encourage fleet turnover, improving car safety and efficiency.

RACQ has also called for a freeze on CTP insurance premiums.