Slow down on slowing down scooters: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has cautioned legislators against reducing the speed limit for mobility scooters prior to a more detailed consultation process, amid reports Brisbane City Council wanted the limit reduced from 10km/h to 6km/h.

Courier Mail reported Brisbane City Council called for the speed reduction and also demanded the State Government introduce “basic licences” to ensure riders were physically and mentally fit when riding.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said scooters were legally required to be registered in Queensland, free of charge, and must adhere to a maximum speed limit of 10 km/h.

“Riders of mobility scooters already have a responsibility to use them safely, and that includes choosing an appropriate travel speed within the 10km/h maximum,” Ms Smith said.

“For those looking at getting a mobility scooter, we recommend consulting your doctor to check you’re mentally and physically fit enough to ride one, and also clarify which mobility device best suits your needs.”

It was also reported Standards Australia drafted new rules which would force scooters to be fitted with a ‘low speed switch’ limiting them to 5km/h in pedestrian zones.

Ms Smith said as a ‘low speed switch’ still required user input, it was essential to ensure scooter users were capable of riding safely.

“It would mean riders need to be mindful of other pedestrians and road users, and frankly, that should already be happening – in fact, many scooters already have a similar setting.” she said.

Ms Smith said Queensland’s ageing population needed to be taken into account when governments planned transport for the future.

“We want to be involved in the discussions with Council and Government about how we’re all going to get around looking forward, no matter our age,” she said.

“It’s important all Queenslanders are considered and have a say, after all, we’re all ageing, and may need a scooter one day too.”