Merging mistakes cause mayhem on roads: RACQ

South-east Queensland residents have been urged to brush up on their merging skills as new RACQ insurance claim data revealed the region’s drivers were some of the worst in the State when it came to merging.

Merging diagram

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said the insurer had analysed more than 6,000 crashes caused by poor merging over the past three years and found south-east Queensland suburbs made up eight of the top 10 worst locations in the State.

“It’s concerning to see how many crashes occur each year due to preventable mistakes like incorrect merging,” Ms Clinton said.

“We’re calling on all Queensland motorists to take five minutes to brush up on the rules around merging so we can hopefully prevent similar crashes from occurring in the future.”

Ms Clinton said there were two rules drivers needed to adhere to when merging.

“On roads where the lanes are marked, you must give way to any traffic already in the lane you wish to move into,” she said.

“However, when there are no road markings, for example two lanes suddenly become one (see image above), you must give way to any vehicles in front of you.”

Top 10 locations for crashes caused by poor merging (1 January 2015-30 April 2018):

  1. Brisbane City – 246
  2. Fortitude Valley – 114
  3. Toowoomba – 109
  4. Southport – 89
  5. Mount Gravatt – 89
  6. Woolloongabba – 79
  7. Eight Mile Plains – 66
  8. Milton – 65
  9. Indooroopilly – 63
  10. Rockhampton – 57.