Townsville fuel prices hurt motorists in hip pocket

New data released by the State’s peak motoring body has revealed drivers in Townsville paid some of the highest petrol prices in northern Queensland during April.

Fuel Pump

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said with an unleaded petrol (ULP) average of 146 cents per litre (cpl) in April, Townsville service stations had upped their prices by almost 7cpl compared to March.

“This is frustrating news for drivers who’re being charged some of the highest prices, not only in the region, but also in the State,” Ms Ross said.

“Just up the road in Innisfail prices were about 4cpl cheaper.”

Mount Isa drivers copped the most expensive fuel in the State with an average of 149.7cpl.

Ms Ross said while there had been an increase in the global oil price which had put upward pressure on the cost of fuel, many retailers had taken it too far.

“Early in April, we saw a petrol price increase across many regional Queensland centres, and although this was largely due to the increase in the oil price, many fuel companies took the opportunity to increase retail ULP margins to unfair levels,” she said.

“We even saw indicative retail margins jump to 12.3cpl in Townsville – it’s just outrageous.”

Ms Ross said prices remained high in the city in May and drivers needed to do all they could to punish the retailers who were doing the wrong thing.

“Our message to drivers is simple – only fill up at the servo selling for the lowest price. We need to use people power to drive down the price of petrol and the best way to do this is by boycotting the servos doing the wrong thing.”

Northern Queensland ULP averages in April 2018:

  • Bowen – 146.1cpl
  • Townsville – 146cpl
  • Ingham – 145.2cpl
  • Tully – 143.6cpl
  • Atherton – 142.9cpl
  • Innisfail – 142.2cpl
  • Cairns – 141cpl.

Read RACQ’s monthly fuel price report here.