RACQ calls for fairer road funding system

Ahead of the upcoming federal enquiry into road user charging, the State’s peak motoring body has urged the Palaszczuk Government to review inefficient motoring taxes as part of broader reforms.

Qld traffic

It followed The Courier Mail’s report on ways the Queensland Government could fund road projects to ease traffic congestion, ahead of a Federal Government review of future transport funding.

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RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said motorists already paid too much for transport and a per kilometre system would ensure drivers across the State were charged equitably.

“For decades, governments have been at the edges of the best model for road and transport funding, and with fuel excise declining, and public funds for infrastructure spend dwindling, it’s time that all options are put on the table,” Dr Michael said.

“Implementing a per kilometre road user charging system in place of inefficient taxes on drivers is one way to fund future transport infrastructure, but it must be fair and not an added burden on top of existing tolls and motoring taxes.

“RACQ strongly opposes more taxes on drivers. We want a fair tax system where everyone pays their fair share and has access to a high quality transport network.

“Like what we’ve seen with the collaboration between State and Federal governments on the funding of the Bruce Highway and M1, governments must put politics aside for the good of motorists everywhere.”