Outback continues to cop high fuel prices: RACQ

Outback petrol prices were among Queensland’s highest in 2017, according to new data published by the State’s peak motoring body.

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RACQ’s Annual Fuel Price Report showed Longreach and Mount Isa were the two most expensive places to fill up across the State in 2017, with unleaded petrol (ULP) averaging 144 cents per litre (cpl) and 142.7cpl respectively.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the Club was urging retailers in western Queensland to give motorists a fair go, and only charge a reasonable margin.

“We’re seeing indicative retail margins of 12cpl in Mount Isa and 15cpl in Longreach, driving up those prices,” Ms Smith said,

“If we look to Cloncurry, we see the highest retail margin in Queensland at 21.4cpl.”

Ms Smith said throughout last year average prices in regional Queensland had risen.

“There was an increase in the global oil price last year, which impacted prices right across Queensland,” she said.

“As regional Queensland isn’t subjected to a price cycle, where there are highs and lows, it is so important that drivers are being savvy and shopping at servos who are keeping prices fair.”

To find out the fair price in your location, visit RACQ’s Fair Fuel Price website.

For the full results of the Annual Fuel Report, visit https://www.racq.com.au/fuel.