Brisbane servos hit drivers at the hip pocket: RACQ

New data released by the State’s peak motoring body has revealed Brisbane recorded its highest average fuel price in more than three years last month.

Fuel Pump

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said with an average unleaded petrol (ULP) price of 141.9 cents per litre (cpl) in December, Brisbane was more expensive than many other parts of the State.

“Not only was Brisbane the most expensive for fuel out of all Australia’s major capital cities, it had dearer fuel than 28 of the 33 regional Queensland towns and cities we monitor,” Ms Smith said.

“It’s outrageous and there’s no good reason for it. We saw a slight increase in the global price of oil, but there’s no way servos can justify the high prices we’ve seen.”

Ms Smith said service stations had also charged, on average, indicative retail margins of 16cpl for ULP in December – the highest recorded across the State.

“We saw retailers extend the expensive phase of the south east Queensland (SEQ) price cycle last month which was likely because fuel retailers wanted to keep prices higher through the festive season,” she said.

“To have indicative retail margins of 16cpl is unjustified and is simply rorting motorists.”

Ms Smith said RACQ continued to lobby the State Government for mandatory petrol price reporting so motorists had the information required to make informed choices at the bowser.

“There’s nothing illegal about the prices being charged. All we, as drivers, can do is to ensure we’re only supporting the service stations charging the lowest price,” she said.

“If we had real-time data at our fingertips, motorists would be able to make the best choice about where to fill the tank. We’ll keep pushing the State Government until we get this information.”

Ms Smith said Brisbane was currently in the discounting phase of the SEQ petrol price cycle and drivers should avoid the bowser until prices dropped further over the next week.