Tolled lanes proposed to tackle SEQ congestion

RACQ says all options need to be on the table as we look to future congestion busting infrastructure for Queensland.

Toll road signage

It followed a proposal by toll operator Transurban to introduce tolled express lanes – such as those used in parts of the United States.

RACQ’s Paul Turner said while the Club did not support the placement of tolls on existing lanes, the introduction of new lanes could not be excluded.

“We need to think of new ways of raising funds. The fact remains governments can’t fund all the infrastructure we need,” Mr Turner said.

“We’d prefer to keep the national roads like the M1 and Bruce Highway toll free, but we can’t rule anything out because we need to maintain the liveability of this great city.”

Transurban’s Wes Balantine told The Courier Mail the option would ease congestion on south east Queensland’s busy road network.

“If you don’t want to pay a toll, you never have to pay a toll. But for the first time, you [would] have a choice. You can actually jump the queue,” Mr Balantine said.