Helmets are a proven life-saver for riders: RACQ

RACQ has issued an urgent reminder to those riding bikes, skateboards, scooters and motorcycles to wear their helmets.

Woman wearing helmet

The call follows a horror crash in Bali, in which a Sydney woman died after riding a scooter without a helmet.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said wearing a helmet was not a matter of fashion or choice, but was a necessity and the law in Australia.
“Whether you’re riding around the paddock or you’re on an overseas adventure, you need to ensure you’re protected,” Mr Spalding said.

“World Health Organisation statistics show wearing a helmet results in a 70 percent decrease in the risk of injury and 40 percent decrease in the risk of death amongst motorcycle riders.

“It’s not enough just to have it loosely sitting on your head either: ensure your helmet fits snugly and is done up tight under the chin.”